Oh Baby!


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The Oh-Baby Gives Back Program is our way of thanking our customers for purchasing a hat from Polarcaps . Children hats will be distributed to local charitable organizations in communities throughout Ontario.

As the founder, and proud mother, grandmother and great-grandma, I have been fortunate to watch my children grow up healthy and happy . From the time they were newborns, each one wore a special Polarcaps hat made loving by grandma. It was very gratifying to know my kids were toasty warm on a cold winter day, always looked adorable and received so many compliments on their unique hats.

From the inception, Polarcaps hats were priced to be affordable, within the means of a regular family budget .The concept was to create a well constructed, and durable hat carefully designed to fit for an entire winter season and could be passed to younger siblings. Many of our hats are sized to be worn by both children and adults .

We also recognize that despite our noble intentions, there are those who can not justify extravagant purchases, yet want their children to experience the same gratification that I do as a grandmother. Through your support of Polarcaps as a first time or repeat customer, we will give back by donating hats to those in need in your community

Thank you Polarcaps Customers

OH BABY – Polarcaps Gives Back Program

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